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Presentations are available seven days a week for morning, afternoon and evening in person and via the virtual platform Zoom. See calendar for updated event details weekly. Call or e-mail Jim or Michelle at 815.572.1244 (Jim) or 224.622.9339 (Michelle) to schedule your program today!


Calendar for planningDownload the below Historical Anniversary Dates to help you with program planning!
2020-2021 Program Topics List (with photos)
2020-2021 Program Topic List (words only)

Below is a Google calendar of presentations. You can select the item on the date to find out the location and time details. You can print the calendar, share it, copy it to your calendar, get a location map, and view it in weekly or monthly view. The page may take a moment or two to load completely.

Available 7 days a week for morning, afternoon, and evening presentations!

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